Jun 15, 2011

Gulf of Maine - will offshore wind extraction change GOM currents?

The challenge is getting the public to understand that sustained extraction of a gigawatt of kinetic wind energy from the small proposed area east of Matinicus will affect the speed and direction of the existing seasonal coastal current that transits that site,  along with, of course, the  seasonal flows of lobster larvae, scallop larvae and all good things for marine life that travel on it.

From surface to seafloor the Gulf of Maine is in motion, through the water column to the air above.

UMaine's crew knows their full size floating turbines will create this sort of artificial stratification or upwelling effect in the waters where they are set up - its the nature of the ocean windmill beast - but are trying to convince Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hjelm that it doesn't matter. That Maine can to worry about that AFTER it happens.

One hopes the judge sees otherwise. Probably he does, for fresh and strident last minute filings by DeepCwind's atty against the suit have appeared, beseeching him to dismiss the case..

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Anonymous said...

the gulf of mexico is near death, dont let it happen to the gulf of maine.