Jun 28, 2011

DeepCwind Consortium: a Pyrrhic victory?

DeepCwind ruling by Maine Superior Court a  “Pyrrhic Victory” for University of Maine-led industrial consortium - critic.
ROCKLAND  In a historic precedent for defense of Maine’s natural  marine resources, the Knox Superior Court has ruled that Maine citizens have the lawful right to sue on behalf of wildlife in the Gulf of Maine.  Read the decision here

“Until now, the courts have rejected efforts by individuals to obtain legal standing to represent non human entities. “ Huber said.  “ Justice Hjelm’s decision, while it allows development of the DeepCwind offshore wind energy test center, also levels the playing field for citizens trying to protect Natural Maine in the face of powerful industrial consortium like DeepCwind. Both in Superior Court and other venues."

Huber was philosophic about the outcome. “We’ve lost one fight here, but the cost to DeepCwind  and other would-be Gulf of Maine ocean energy developers is an end to the ban on citizen representation of wild nature in Maine and the Gulf of Maine,"   Huber said he is exploring his options.

Huber said it reminded him of the tale of King Pyrrhus of Epirus
"One more such victory" fretted the King, following a costly battle with the Romans "would utterly undo him.” ….
“Likewise for the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands,”  Huber said. “They and the DeepCwind Consortium collectively defied their own natural scientists and oceanographers in order to rush through the permitting of an offshore windpower test center two miles off Monhegan Island.  And while Judge Hjelm had little choice but to defer to the agency for making an ”informed decision,” Huber said, “the justice also signaled his suspicion of the agency’s methods by ensuring that citizens can lawfully challenge efforts by both the DeepCwind Consortium and other big industrial concerns to go around the laws and regulations protecting our irreplaceable natural Gulf of Maine.”

For  a copy of the court’s  decision, Click Here   For more information about the case Click Here


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