Jan 6, 2018

Penobscot Bay tanker/cargoship news, Nov. 29 - Dec. 5, 2017


Penobscot Bay tanker/cargoship news, 11/29/17 - 12/5/27
Compiled by Republican Journal reporter Ethan Andrews. Photos by Ethan Andrews

Log of commercial marine traffic at Searsport and Bucksport. 11/29/17-12/5/17

November. 29
Road salt from Chile unloadin from the bulk
 carrier Siirt, left, at Mack Point Dec. 1.
 Another bulk carrier, Tanja, at right, delivers clay 
slurry from the Amazon. Photo Ethan Andrews
Siirt, a 656-foot bulk carrier, arrived at Mack point from Tocopilla, Chile, delivered road salt and departed Dec. 3 for Norfolk, Va.

November. 30
Tanja, a 606-foot bulk carrier, arrived at Mack Point from Vila do Conde, Brazil, and delivered clay slurry, an additive used in paper manufacturing. It departed Dec. 2 for Portland before returning to Vila do Conde.

December. 3
Genesis Glory, a Genesis Energy tug with fuel barge, arrived at Mack Point from New York and delivered ethanol. It departed December 4th  for Portland.

 Road salt pours out of a bulk cargo grab, left, into a dump truck (not visible) as the 
cargo ship Siirt delivers to Mack Point Dec 1  Another ship, Tanja, foreground with
 yellow pilothouse, delivers clay slurry. (Photo by: Ethan Andrews)
Bulk carriers Siirt, foreground, & Tanja make deliveries to Mack Pt in Searsport Dec 1. (Photo by: Ethan Andrews)
Dec 4 New York-based tug Genesis Glory tows a fuel barge in Penobscot Bay after delivering ethanol to Mack Point Terminal in Searsport. (Photo by: Ethan Andrews

Shipping news courtesy Republican Journal reporter Ethan Andrews

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