Jan 16, 2018

DMR FOAA docs concerning the Maine AquaVentus project March - November 2017

Documents released by Maine DMR in response to a 11/26/27 FOAA request to Kathleen Leyden for "Public records in custody of you or your staff dating from April 1, 2017 to November 26, 2017 that pertain to the Maine Aquaventus floating ocean wind turbines project, slated to occupy the Maine Offshore Wind Test Center."  All documents are pdf files

MARCH 2018
* 3/06/2017 New Engl Aqua Ventus I - Proposed Project Description –Modification#1. 16pgs

*3/27/17 FOPB  FOAA request to DACF Commissioner re MAV  Earlier request-combined)

4/3/17 staff react to FOPB FOAA 1pg

* 5/4/17 Agenda from May 4, 2017 meeting

* 5/4/17 Minutes from May 4, 2017 meeting 9pgs 

5/4/17 DOE NEPA Scoping Process 10pg pdf

* 5/11/17 Email from Bob Marvinney that LD 1262 (Protect Monhegan) got  Ought Not to Pass

5/11/17 email to Bob Marvinney reply to ONTP

* July 2017 Maine Coastal Program Performance Progress Report Jan1–June 30, 2017 3pgs

* July 2017 Undated. Draft Timeframe on interagency coordination   January 2017 - June 2017

7/26/17  Email Mendelson to Stephen N. Dickson  re shipwreck in Sub-sea Cable Survey. 3pg   

7/26/14 Emails Mendelson, Burrowes & Ward  re Searsport Dredging for MAV. 2pg

University of  Lithuania review of impacts of offshore windfarming.
* 9/21/17  email Mark Bergeron to Todd Burrowes re timetable & regulatory path 1pg 

10/3/17 Leyden to Mendelson  re cable routine from MAV

* 10/3/17 emails Deputy DMR Commissioner Mendelson to Todd Burrowes and Matt Nixon 2pg 10:15am

10/3/17  Emails re Geophysical Survey Info Doc. M. Mendelson to (1) Kathleen Leyden, & (2) Sarah Cotnoir,  Rene Cloutier Dierdre Gilbner, Carl Wilson, Kathleen Reardon & K Leyden 2pgs  10:24am
* 10/3/17 Emails re Geophys Survey Info Mendelson  to Cotnoir, Cloutier  Wilson, Gilbert and  Reardon 2pgs   10:38am 

* 10/17/17 Email on media coverage of town oppo to MAV Meredith Mendelson Links.

10/17/17 DMR Pat Keliher to Mendelson Burrowes, Leyden Cotnoir, wilson gilbert, Nichols 

* November 2017 Geophysical & Permitting Survey Overview of proposed seabed survey planned for Nov 3rd. 6pgs 

*  November 2017 Geophysical & Planning Survey re seabed survey  comments 6pgs

11/26/27 FOPB FOAA Request to Maine Coastal Program re MAV

* Undated:  Project Description by Jeff Thaler atty for MAV_9pg pdf

* Undated  2018 Call for Maine Fishermen's Forum Seminar Proposals

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