Dec 14, 2017

Owls Head waters getting federalized. Listen to 12/12/17 meeting on federal anchorage proposal.

Are Owls Head's outer waters getting Federalised?
Listen to a 14 minute discussion, (mp3)  at the 12/12/17 Rockland Harbor Mgmt Commission meeting, on a plan to designate a federal anchorage area off Owls Head, to facilitate cruise ships bringing passengers to Rockland Harbor
Rockland Harbor civic boundaries, Rockport, Rockland & Owls Head

 Penobscot Bay & River Pilots Association has asked the US Coast Guard to designate the waters of Owls Head's Broad Cove as  a Federal Anchorage Area,  specifically to facilitate projected increases in visits to Rockland Harbor  by large cruise ships. Read  July 6, 2017 submission to USCG by David Gelinas  president of Penobscot Bay & River Pilots

On December 12, 2017 the Rockland Harbor Management Commission had a  discussion of  the Federal Anchorage proposal. LISTEN TO THE 14 MINUTE DISCUSSION (mp3)

Gelinas, a veteran ships pilot, told the Coasties that rising cruise ship traffic  to Penobscot bay calls for  more methodical  management of anchorage use by oversized cruise ships  at the mouth of Rockland Harbor. much of which is within the town borders of Owls Head.

"Not only are the numbers of cruise ships on the increase," Gelinas wrote "but the average size of such vessels is on the increase as well. Having a larger, dedicated anchorage area will assist in keeping this traffic coming to our state, and will serve all mariners with a clear illustration of where such vessels will likely anchor when coming to Penobscot Bay."

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