Jan 16, 2018

Maine Aquaventus FOAA of DMR 2017 names and organisations listed

Maine Aqua Ventus FOAA of Maine Coastal Program DMR Maine Department of Marine Resources. List of officials and others involved.

Here is a list of the state and federal officials, academia , consultants and wind industry listed in the  DMR March-Nov 17, 2017 FOAA documents released to Friends of Penobscot Bay.  

Shannon Ayotte  office of DMR commissioner  Shannon.Ayotte@maine.gov
Kate Tierney (MAG Representative)
Nixon, Matthew E
Burrowes, Todd  Coastal Program  Federal consistency, dredging, takings, public trust
Leyden, Kathleen ME Coastal Program
Desjardin, Tom;  
Noll, John Submerged Lands Director
Marvinney, Robert G.  UMaine 
John Noll (MDACF) 
Carl Wilson (MDMR)
Sue and Dawn Hallowell (MDEP)
Stacie Beyer (LUPC) 
Bob Stratton (MDIFW) 
Dennis Nault (MDMR)
Jeff Thaler  (UME atty)
Jake Ward (UME)   

Wende Mahaney (USFWS) 
Sue Tuxbury NOAA (cable routing)
Jay Clement (USACE)
Mark McCollough (USFWS) 
Michelle DesAutels (USCG) 

 Andy Qua (Kleinschmidt) Andy.Qua@kleinschmidtgroup.com or Jeff Thaler Jeffrey.Thaler@maine.edu  (UMaine) 

Jeff Thaler jeffrey_thaler@maine.edu;
Jake Ward jsward@maine.edu;
Damian Brady damian.brady@maine.edu;
Tony Viselli anthony.viselli@maine.edu;

Peter Browne <Peter.Browne@hdrinc.com>;
Andy Qua Andy.Qua@KleinschmidtGroup.com
Kayla Easler <Kayla.Easler@KleinschmidtGroup.com>

Ocean Renewable  Power  Company
N Johnson njohnson@orpc.com

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