Jan 29, 2016

2016 Offshore Maine floating windpower 1/29/16 webinar. Audio & slides

Audio and slides from the 1/29/16 webinar presentation "Maine's Floating Offshore Wind Project: Moving Forward".

Speakers were Habib Dagher, Director, University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composite Center, and  Jeff Thaler, Asst University Counsel and Maine AquaVentus Legal Counsel,

 The two cover the past, present and future of floating ocean wind turbines in the Gulf of Maine. Speakers refer to this slideshow

Habib Dagher
Introduction 3min37sec       

Habib Dagher  part 1  15 minutes

Habib Dagher part 2  14min55sec

Jeff Thaler 4 minutes

Habib Dagher Part 3 5 minutes

Q &A Part 1  6 minutes
Jeff Thaler

Q&A Part 2 to end of webinar 6 min 
UME's mini prototype in  Castine harbor storm

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