Aug 18, 2015

Summer of Maps presentation by Kevin Frech August 17, 2015 for Friends of Penobscot Bay & Public Laboratory

Listen below to 2015  Summer of Maps fellow Kevin Frech's analysis of  forest loss and impervious surface growth, along Penobscot Bay's Route 1 corridor between 1992 & 2011 & Q&As. Read Frech report
Part 1. 10 min Intro
Part 2. 11 min Rockland 1992-2011 
Part 3. 9min 23 sec  Studywide results & Searsport & Stockton Springs results.
Part 4. 9min 41sec  Rockland discussion.      
Part 5. 10min Bay wildlife impact
Part 6. 8min 46sec  Q&A to end.
Full report audio 61 minutes
Frech, a recent Temple University graduate, described changes between 1992 and 2011. Individual forest losses  and their impact, not always immediately perceptible were made visible via Kevin's analysis, and  great graphics. 

 A big thanks to Public Laboratory and project crew, and team members Liz Barry, Sean McGinnis, Tyler Dahlberg, Duncan Bailey, Norbert Ryan and Ron Huber - and all who participated in large ways or small.

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