Aug 18, 2015

Summer of Maps presentation by Kevin Frech August 17, 2015 for Friends of Penobscot Bay & Public Laboratory

Listen below to 2015  Summer of Maps fellow Kevin Frech's analysis of  deforestation along Maine's Route 1 corridor along West Penobscot Bay between 1992 and 2011, and the excellent questions that he fielded residents of at least five towns along the western bay.   The  recording is broken into six sections for ease of listening

Note: The below titles are actually the first keywords of each recording, which each cover a great deal more, including Q&As. 

Part 1. 10 minutes Introduction. 

Part 2. 11 minutes  Rockland 1992-2011 compared.

Part 3. 9min 23 sec  Studywide results Searsport and Stockton Springs results.

Part 4. 9min 41sec  Rockland discussed.

Part 5. 10min 31sec Impacts on bay wildlife

Part 6. 8min 46sec  Q&A. 

A recent graduate of Temple University,  Frech described changes between 1992 and 2011. Individual forest losses  and their impact, not always immediately perceptible were made visible via  Kevin's analysis, and  great graphics. 
 A big thanks to Public Laboratory's Liz Barry, and team members Sean McGinnis, Tyler Dahlberg, Duncan Bailey, Norbert Ryan, Ron Huber and all the attendees who participated in large ways or small.

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