Aug 27, 2015

Sacrifice Penobscot Bay's Lobsters to Big Gas?

Incredible! Run a big gas burning power plant 100 feet from Rockland's little league field? Upwind a couple hundred yards from Rockland's elementary and middle schools? From the track, football and soccer fields? Increase the air pollution in Rockland while decreasing air pollution in Boston?  What is Boston energy magnate James Gordon, sheo fell idea this is, thinking? More jobs for respiratory therapists?

Yes,  harried Cape Wind investor Gordon, owner of EMI, sick of losing money pushing windpower, has gone back to peddling fossil fuels.  This is very bad news for the people who live and breathe in Rockland, as the plant would be  a net increaser of greenhouse gases there - and right next to the richest lobster grounds in New England.

Those lobsters, especially the post-larvae crowding the rocky shallows, will find that the gas burner's acidic emissions will turn the  surface microlayer of their habitats  into a gill-burning acid bath.  Deadly both for larval lobsters and for the microplankton ecosystem that supports them.  

Why risk a well managed  renewable resource that brings more than half a billion-with-a-B dollars a year of economic activity to the bay communities of Rockland Owls Head South Thomaston and Saint George?

The Friends of Penobscot Bay have opposed this shortsighted bay-unfriendly plan from the start.  Gordon should come to this bay and this town that he proposes to foul, and explain why that sacrifice is pleasing to him.  Explain why the richest lobster grounds in New England should be put at risk from increased carbon pollution of Penobscot Bay and increased acidification

Explain why Rockland elementary and middle schools children should be  exposed to constant acidic air pollutants  emitted 24/7/365  ba a gas plant barely more than a stone' throw from their playgrounds and classrooms.

If you feel you MUST peddle carbon instead of wind, Mr. Gordon, PLEASE do it away from the Maine coast!

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