Feb 24, 2012

Sears Island Container port bill gets skeptical reception. AUDIO ONLINE

Listen online to industrial port-huggers and two determined Penobscot Bay defenders Paul McCarrier and Will Neils, at the Maine statehouse, challenging  the "LD 420 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Building a Container Port onSears Island" that came before the Maine Legislature's Appropriations Committee today. The bill would put a ballot question before Mainers to have their descendants pay 200 million dollars plus  interest  to build a gigantic containerport in the fertile womb of upper Penobscot Bay where, like a huge IUD device, it will wreck the fertility of Maine's biggest bay  Listen to the hearing (MP3 audios)
Introduction by Senator Douglas Thomas  9min

*  Sen Thomas gets questioned 2min

Paul McCarrier speaks in opposition to LD 420  2 min 18 sec

Will Neils speaks in opposition to the bill 6min 30 sec

David Cole speaks "neither for nor against" the bill. 8min 37 sec

David Cole is questioned by committee 5 min 35 sec

John Oday speaks NFNA the bill 3min 45sec

John Oday is questioned by committee 2 minutes

Randy Mace to end of hearing 3 minutes

 Listen to complete hearing on LD 420 HERE 45 minutes (recording fixed)

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