Feb 23, 2012

Belfast City Council hears TBNT on LPG, votes to write to ACOE (AUDIO)

On February 21, 2012, the Belfast City Council heard from three citizen opponents of DCP Midstream Corporation's proposal to build and operate a 22.5 million gallon Liquified Petroleum Gas tank and related flare tower and terminal in in Searsport. They now join three other bay towns: Stockton Springs, Islesboro and North Haven, who have already  written to the Army Corps of Engineers, calling for an Environmental Impact Study.. Listen below to them speak and Bealfast City Council talk it over and vote to wrote to the Corps.

Concerns? Economic and environmental harm and threats to public safety..  Islesboro's letter here.. (Other letters as they come available)   The chorus of voices calling for the headlong rush of DCP Midstream's project to be slowed down with an Environmental Impact Study

Listen below as   Thanks But No Tank! activists Peter Wilkinson, Chris Hyk and Maryjean Crowe call on the Belfast City Council to ask the US Army Corps of Engineers to prepare a full environmental impact statement before taking any federal action on DCP's application. Then, after deliberating, the Belfast City Council  votes to send that letter to the Army Corps of Engineers!

* Peter Wilkinson 9 minutes 
* Christopher Hyk 3 minutes 30 seconds
* Maryjean Crowe 32 seconds. Also gives Council copies of Islesboro's letter to Corps of Engineers
* Council agrees to add issue to agenda. 16 seconds
* Council discusses issues then votes to send request for EIS  to Corps of Engineers 16 min

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