Feb 29, 2012

LURC reform legislation LD 1798 has its 2/28/12 work session: AUDIO recordings

Bay-friends and Maine Woods lovers , Lend us your ears! 
Consideration is underway by the Maine legislature on who makes the decisions on land use for the vast sweeps of the Unorganized Territories of Maine. The State or the Counties?  Some of the islands of outer Penobscot Bay are under LURC Jurisdiction. Listen, read and help Maine decide.

Listen below to audio recordings of the Maine Legislature's February 28, 2012 worksession on LD 1798 "An Act To Reform Land Use Planning in the Unorganized Territory". NOTE to listen to the February 16th public hearing on LD 1798, Click Here

Audio is broken in 4 parts for ease of listening.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? LD 1798 would enable counties to "opt out" of the Land Use Regulation Commission, an appointed citizens board that presently makes decisions on planning and development proposals for the Unorganized Territory of Maine. The bill includes of other ways of transferring LURC's decisionmaking powers to county governments. But can counties afford the expense of competently making land use decisions? 

 Recording of the committee starts about ten minutes into their worksession - sorry!

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