Nov 11, 2011

A virtual Gulf of Maine - game designers needed.

WANTED: computer game designer for a Virtual Gulf of Maine game, rich w/ habitat & seasonal species, from whales to plankton, with details mapped onto its bathymetry.  A crude short animation of this water body exists.  (1.7mb mpg)  Data of wind, of the tides and currents is available; the seasonal wanderings of the fishes too are known and available for prospective GOM Game developers. Can you weave them together?
IF YOU can stitch those many threads together into a seamless whole, what kid won't want to learn about  the Gulf of Maine while swimming (and feasting) through it as a blue shark? Or soaring above it as an osprey? Or as a harpoon-wielding swordfish stalker? The more indolently inclined will sedately explore the Gulf of Maine in the  personae of a leatherback turtle or a Lion's Mane jellyfish.  But all of them will see what it is to be one of those wild beings. From such may tomorrow's oceanographers and marine biologists come.

If you want to help recreate the Gulf of Maine and the great wild Atlantis that lives beneath its waves, contact the Bay Blog

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forrestp> said...

hi my name is Forrest and if you need help with the game designing i would like to help you can email me at