Nov 4, 2011

Thanks But No Tank! Belfast public presentation AUDIO

Belfast Library, November third. The library's meeting room filled quickly and a two hour presentation and discussion ensued, exploring what is known about the plan for a giant Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) tank being promoted in Mack Point by the DCP-Midstream/Conoco Philips Spectra Energy combine.
The meeting was sponsored by Thanks But No Tank!  First, Astrig Tanguay gave a 70 minute presentation. Click on it, below. Then the People spoke with questions and ideas. Listen to their recordings following Astrig's presentation, below.

Part 1  16 minutes 
Part 2  13 minutes 
Part 3  18 minutes 
Part 4  12 minutes 
Part 5  13 minutes 
Full presentation 71 minutes

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