Nov 2, 2011

Thanks But No Tank! public info meeting in Searsport gets rave reviews.

Searsport. A full house heard  a "superb" presentation by Astrig Tanguay an organizer of Thanks But No Tank, the fiesty citizens group that has sprung up in response to the unseemly plan by industrial liquified  gas giant DCP Midstream, to clear a 30 acre forest and build a monster LLPG gas tank biggest in new England, that will send tons of pollutants into the air shed , says one attendee of the Thanks But No Tank! public meeting in Searsport Wednesday evening
"Phenomenal" writes another.
"Great job tonight Astrig!!
"The whole evening has me wound up and proud of what we have done to this point."

"I suspect there are still a lot of surprises between now and whenever this is over."
 "Kudos to everyone who participated in this process"

"Well done Astrig - your presentation painted an accurate picture of the situation and will get people talking and pumped up."

"My thanks to all of you for the hours and hours of research and organizing you've put into this effort. I'm inspired and humbled by your energy, passion and courage. "

"Plenty more to do, but a strong start out the gate."

"Onward ho!"

Photos courtesy WSCH