Jul 2, 2010

Camden Maine mini-reenacts BP turtle toasting in harbor, Saturday July 3rd 3pm

Camden Maine re-enacts the BP oil spill mediationists' turtle toasting in miniature in its harbor on July 3rd

 Camden-Rockport-Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce has hired Central Maine Pyrotechnics to fire "in-the-water" fireworks into the salty plankton-rich surface biofilm off Curtis Island in Camden Harbor at its Festival of Independence.

Company spokester Steve Marson sez: "..the water comes to life. They'll see plumes of water that are gold, silver and green."

Um, Steve, the water's not 'coming to life' when you torpedo bomb it. Rather the opposite: a series of instant Lilliputian lobster(larvae) bakes. 

For late June - early July is peak volume for phytoplankton and zooplankton in Penobscot Bay. Winter flounder larvae, too, nocturnally gambol about at the harbor surface, nipping at marine amoebas and diatoms, blissfully ignorant of incendiaries that will shortly be loosed upon them.
(Photo from WW2 Battle of Truk)

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