Jun 26, 2010

The Last Charge of the Bluefins.

The Last Charge of the Bluefins. 

Into the Gulf of Death swam the 600 (metric tonnes). 
Oil to the left of them. 
Oil to the right of them, 
Oil in front of them. 
Oil inside them

Boldly they swam, pregnant, urgent. 
And there within the greasy Gulf, 
Deep inside the mouth of Hell 
Spawned the six hundred. 

'Forward, Thunnus thynnus!
Was hatchling fish dismay'd?  
Not tho' Gaia knew
Some one had BPlunder'd.

Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to hatch
 and die!

Who will come back,
Back from the mouth of Hell? 
Who is left of them,  
Sons, daughters of the six hundred?

1 comment:

Ron Huber said...

bluefin tuna presently visiting the Gulf of Maine will head south to spawn in the Gulf of Mexico. hatching in the oiled Gulf be a death sentence for larval tuna that hatch out there.

Therefore efforts should be made to forestall tcollaps fo the stock by immediately organizing the seining, corralling and maintaining in New England waters of thousands of bluefin tuna . Do this while they are here.

The penned broodstock can be maintained alive for a year or more as needed - the european tuna-penners would have that expertise. At least these should be held in New England or midatlantic long enough for roe and milt to ripen. Then strip out and save like the federal govt does with salmon milt and eggs.

This is to perpetuate the NW atlantic bluefin genepool's variety from sure massive losses. Freeze the eggs or raise some like NOAA does wild salmon river brood stocks in its hatcheries: no-harvest aquaculture operations.

At some point you either release them, eat them or keep them penned until such day as water conditions down south allow sucessful spawning there.

No doubt NOAA and other agencies have to okay the special licenses. Get some celebrities to Surely some fishing philanthropists or boatbuilders or sushi-eaters of the world for that matter some of tghem would fund the fishermen and tuna farmers to do this right away to save the tuna genepool for greasy meltdown .

Let's be sure the present generation of north atlantic tuna isn't New England's last!