Jul 17, 2010

Listen: Fox Island Wind, polluting the Vinalhaven soundscape.

Wonder what the windmills on Vinalhaven sound like for local residents? Click here for an hour long unedited recording of these windmills' endless warbling howl, as if jets are constantly flying past in the middle distance.

Listen carefully: you can also hear the wind through the branches of nearby trees. The windmills noise was measured by sound meter as 48 to 49 dBA during this recording. The recording was made at midnight, January 1, 2010, on a residential porch one half mile from the nearest of the three wind turbines.

At 13 ½ minutes into the recording, wind chimes eight feet from the microphone are rung by a soft puff of wind. Their sound level is a useful reference point for finding the right volume to listen to this recording. Then try to  experience this as your 24/7 ambient home audio environment, instead of ambient island Nature.

Most people cannot bear to hear this recording more than 5 minutes. Can you? Imagine it as the background to your life!

For more information on this recording on on wind issues, contact Ron Huber at Penobscot Bay Watch at ron.huber@penbay.org or visit Fox Island Wind Neighbors at www.fiwn.org/


billslycat said...

The sound measured was A-weighted. A-weighting attempts to match the response of the human ear to noise and A-weighted sound pressure levels are labeled dBA. It measures sound over an 8-octave range. However, low frequency (below 150 Hz) and infrasound (below 20 Hz) are several times louder than the A-weighted levels with wind turbines, especially the infrasound. Though the higher frequencies are annoying, these lower frequencies are the ones that penetrate walls and the body very easily and that are responsible for much of what has been described as Wind Turbine Syndrome. Developers try to claim this is nonsense, but a large and growing body of evidence contradicts their claims. It's no coincidence that the world over, wherever industrial wind turbines are erected close to people's homes, a significant percentage of residents have identical medical issues. These monstrosities don't belong where people live. They are loud industrial machines.

Penobscot Bay Watch said...

Thanks for the info!