Apr 12, 2008

Sears Island - an end-point for Atlantica?

A recent report in New Hampshire Business Review notes the Maine DOT's desire to have a port on Sears Island part of the "Northeast CanAm Connections project"

In the article Hope glimmers for regional east-west highway by Elizabeth Penney, Penney writes:

"The Northeast CanAm Connections project is looking at both adequacy and opportunity in highway, rail, air and marine infrastructure, said Fred Michaud of the Maine Department of Transportation, sponsor of the project. ..... Michaud would like to see development of the deep water ports in Searsport, Maine, and Halifax. “Ports on the West Coast are backed up. New York is congested. With increased ship traffic through the Suez Canal, we have an opportunity to attract trade.”

Uh oh. That plural used in that phrase "ports in Searsport, Maine" should be ringing warning bells. Read complete article

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Editor, Wild Maine Times said...

The article speaks of cooperation between Maine and the Maritimes. Right, like the Canadians are going to help Maine compete with Halifax in the container port business. This is just more BS being churned out by corporate boosters angling for a little socialist-style welfare assistance from the taxpayer. These days it's the bankrupt Bangor and Aroostook Railroad, reborn as the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway, which has its hand out. As for Mr. Fred Michaud, I've dealt personally with him (in my past life as a newspaper reporter). I really doubt this onetime developer turned special agent for the Maine DOT is capable of speaking an honest word.