Mar 3, 2018

Rockland harbor users spoke out March 1st on Yachting Sollutions marina expansion plan AUDIO

Grassroots group Sensible Harbor Infrastructure Plan (SHIP) held a community meeting March 1, 2018  on the plan by Yachting Solutions to enlarge its marina  to support more transient mega-yachts.  Listen below.
Concerns were raised about loss of public scenic vistas, loss of a channel used by small boats, dinghies and kayakers, absentee interests behind the plan - from from Rockland to Portland  to Florida - and more.

1 Intro part 1 6min

2 Intro part 2  4 min 54sec

3 Intro part 3 5min30sec

4. Intro part 4. 8min 28sec

5 Prock Marine Representative  & QA 13min 15sec

6 Ron Huber 7min

Captain Neal Parker

7 Shlomit Auciell0 4min

Joe Auciello 80sec

9 George Chappell 2min32sec

10 Neal Parker 11min

11 Steve Hale 5min

12  Becca Glaser 5min21sec

13 John Grondin 2min 8sec

14 David Myslabodski 2min22sec

15 Lynne Johnson Taylor 1min24sec

16 Connie Hayes 2min45sec

17 Mike Grondin Q re Florida connection 3min

18 Kim 1min 30sec

19 Lynne Barnard 54sec

20 Shlomit and Joe Auciello  2min46sec

21 Question to Neal Parker 2min 21sec

22  Debby Atwell 1 min 10sec 

23   Comprehensive plan comm member 2min 46sec

24 Several Q&As  10 min

25 QA Neal Parker 3min

26  QAs final 5min 45sec

27 Calivas: Next Steps 7min 22sec

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