Mar 14, 2018

Penobscot Bay History_ 1966-67 upper bay clam survey

Upper Penobscot Bay 
Softshell Clam Survey 1966-1967

Results: 96,000 bushels of harvestable  clams. Value to digger: $1,876,000 Community multiplier value: $5,216,400. Detailed results below.

SUMMARY In 1966, the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration surveyed about 90 percent of upper Penobscot Bay's shores for soft-shell clams. (Unsurveyed areas were  polluted industrial sites & other non-clam habitat.) 
Introduction ** Participanbts **  Medthods 

RESULTS:*  Northport   Belfast Searsport Stockton Springs Penobscot  Castine Islesboro 

Total 66-67 standing crops & value.

Top clam areas: Stockton Springs and Searsport, followed by Northport and Belfast.

The total harvestable softshell clam resource of the upper bay for 1966 was estimated at 96,000 bushels, value to diggers: $1,876,000 and a community multiplier value of $5,216,400.

The clam survey was part of the study: "Pollution of the Navigable Waters of the Penobscot River & Upper Penobscot Bay in the State of Maine.

Testimony by Lobsterman Frederick P. Young

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