Dec 6, 2017

MAV Freedom of access 2017 request to Maine Bureau of Parks & Lands chief

FOAA response from John Noll Submerged Lands Director, Bureau of Parks and Lands re the offshore wind project off Monhegan.  Request was for "public records in your custody related to the Maine AquaVentus project off Monhegan Island, dating from April 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017"

Full 16 pages of emails from John Noll FOAA    Officials mentioned in the FOAA

Extracts from the  16 page FOAA 

Emails  Bob Marvinney state geologist  on agency roles

Nolls & Marvinney on state agency roles 2

Attachments mentioned in the emails

Maine Aqua Ventus Project Description (UMaine)

US Dept of Energy paper on NEPA Process re Monhegan.

May 4 2017 meeting agenda

*  May 4, 2017  meeting review

Tom Desjardins director, BPL's testimony to ME legislature against LD 1262 

LD 1262 "An Act to Protect Monhegan Island by limiting wind turbines

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