Nov 28, 2015

Maine Ocean Acidification meeting 11/23/15 Audio MP3s

On November 23, 2015, a meeting was held  of governments officials, businesses and NGOs involved in Ocean Acidification research, education and advocacy.  Susie Arnold of Island Institute moderated the meeting. Listen below to  excerpts from the meeting on updates on research and monitoring.  (mp3s)  Or save them to your desktop or phone.

Introductions   5min 27sec

Nick Battista, Island Institute 3min 32sec

OA Updates 1 Bigelow Lab. 7min 30sec

OA Updates 2. 8 minutes

OA Updates 3 Mook Sea Farm. 3min 30 sec

OA Updates 4  Richard Nelson. 3min 30sec

OA Monitoring 1. 6min 21sec

OA Monitoring 2, 3minutes

OA Monitoring 3.  10 minutes

OA Monitoring 4. 10min 30sec

OA Monitoring 5. 5min30sec

OA Monitoring 6. 8min 45sec

OA Monitoring 7. 7min 30sec

OA Monitoring 8. to end of meeting 8min 9sec

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