Sep 16, 2015

FOAA responses of Rockland officials re Gas Plant plan September 2015

 On September 4, 2015, Friends of Penobscot Bay filed a freedom of access act request with  six members of the Rockland City government. We asked for  documents  "from between July 28 2015 and September 4, 2015, inclusive, that pertain to the proposed natural gas cogeneration power plant  and pipeline proposals being considered In or connecting to Rockland" .

City Council member Larry Pritchett 150 pages  
*   Pritchett's response broken into six 25 page parts

Audra Caler Bell, Economic Development Dir 19 pages

* Kevin Beal City Attorney 14 pages

* James Chaousis City Manager 142 pages 

* City Mayor Frank Isganitis 37 pages 

* City treatment Plant Operator Terry Pinto 1page 

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