May 18, 2015

Grimmel: Recent state and consultant documents approving their Mack Point steel scrap export operation plan.

We made inquiry of DEP for the chief  paperwork that must have been shared even if  only in digital formats - a trend that MDEP  encourages as paper use reducer.

DEP included the following staff  in the email conversation
"Kuhns, Mick" <>, "Kavanah, Brian W <> "Reynolds, Scott" <>,
"Wood, Jana" <>, "Wood, Gregg" <>,
"Ladd, David" <>

Jana Wood was tapped to answer FOPB's request . Here are the  four critical documents she supplied:

4/17/215 Notice of Intent to Comply w/ Maine Multisector General Permit 1 pg
4/17/215 GeoInsight  Storrmwater Pollution Prevention Plan cover letter (1 pg)
4/17/215 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan  55 pgs
4/28/15 Stormwater permit authorization by David Kuhns, Maine DEP 2 pgs 

Here is Wood's explanatory text accompanying those documents:

"The record consists of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan prepared and submitted by Geoinsight consultants for Grimmel, application for Notice of Intent and MDEP acknowledgment letter to confirm permit coverage. 

"The permit for Grimmel was issued under the guidance of Alex Rosenberg, Region 1 EPA and include EPA rules for Sampling the stormwater for additional parameters that currently the Maine MSGP does not require, see page 17 and 18 of the SWPPP.  I have asked the consultant to convey the request to Grimmel that I want to be involved and inspect the site as scrap metal being delivered to the site for shipping.  The typical inspection program that we conduct is annual to bi-annual but in this case with so many eyes on Grimmel, I plan to conduct inspections more often to keep a close watch on the activity and stormwater recordkeeping required by the permit. 

Jana Wood
Industrial Stormwater Inspector
EMRO, 106 Hogan Road
Bangor, Maine 04401

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