May 26, 2015

Rockland gas plant wannabee presents, takesquestions at 5/26/15 public info meeting

A Public Info meeting was held May 26, 2015  on proposed Rockland gas burning plant and steam cogenerator. Rockland Energy Center LLC  partner Evan Coleman spoke and took questions  Below is the complete audio recording of the meeting broken into sections for ease of listening.

*Complete  meeting  2hr 20min long

Introduction   8min 24 sec
REC Fracking Presentation 10min  32sec

Fracking questioned  by public
Part One  4 min 
Part Two 6min 34sec
Part Three Q&A  6min 19 sec
Part Four  Q&A 5min 34 sec
Gas Plant Operations
Gas burning plant operations presentation. 8 min 24sec
Gas burning plant operations Q&A 1. 14min 45sec
Gas burning plant operations Q&A 2. Judith Lawson etc 19min47sec

Gas Plant Emissions
Emissions presentation 5 minutes

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