Apr 30, 2015

Rockland rejects Big Gas April 29, 2015

On April 29, 2015 Rockland City Council listened to the people of the city from all walks of life and rejected a proposal to grant  an option for a Boston energy company  to buy and demolish City Hall and town  public services buildings and  build a large natural gas burning cogeneration plant.

Full public speaking part of the meeting  44minute mp3

Separate speakers at  the meeting 
Speaker 1 Ron Huber Friends of Penobscot Bay 
Speaker 2 Joe P__? 48sec2
Speaker 3 Jessie Watson 1 min
Speaker 4 David Myslabodski 3min12sec
Speaker 5 Amy Files 2min30sec
Speaker 6 Sandra Schramm 3min 59sec
Speaker_7 Catherine Foghill 2min
Speaker_8 Wilkinson-Green 2min 6sec    
Speaker_9 Brian Fuller 2min 31sec
Speaker_10   Eric Herbert 3min 11 sec.
Councilor Clayton Williams
 casts the deciding No vote

Speaker_11 Charlie Jordan 57sec 
Speaker_12 Susan Paige 2 min 33sec 
Speaker_13  Brooks Winner, Island Institute 3min 13sec
Speaker_14 Terry Woodland 54drc
Speaker_15 Debby Atwell 
Speaker_16 Louis F___ 2min 9sec
Speaker_17 Maggie Trout 67sec
Speaker_18 James York 1 min 55sec  

The Bangor Daily News wrote
"The vote came after more than a dozen residents urged councilors to reject the agreement, citing concerns about environmental safety." Bangor Daily News story 

Island Institute rep supporting 
Big Gas & dismissing "Nimbys" 
at 4/29/15 Rockland City
 Council special meeting.
The Island Institute's representative (right )spoke in favor of "continuing the conversation" with the Boston gas company. He regrettably also tried to make NIMBY actions (NOT IN MY BAY) as an undesirable thing. There was no disclosure of the 'Tute's decade-long relationship with the windpower division of  the gasser wannabee, Energy Management Inc .

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