Mar 10, 2015

Great Bay-Piscataqua Riverkeeper's talk in Belfast March 4, 2015 AUDIO

Jeff Barnum on right. Ron Huber on left
On March 4, 2015, Jeff Barnum, the Great Bay-Piscataqua River Waterkeeper gave a talk in Belfast Maine public library. 

An employee of the Conservation Law Foundation, Jeff has been waterkeeper since August 2013.  He explained how he stewards his waterbody and the challenge of recent declines in eelgrass and oysters, stormwater, runoff, the Grimmel Corporation's scrap steel export facility - that may open up in Searsport -and more!

Just as we heard from the the Fundy Baykeeper and Casco Baykeeper, Barnum urged attendees to proceed with starting a waterkeeper program.
Part 1. 14 minutes
Intro. Big drop in Piscataqua  River's  & Great Bay's oysters & eelgrass.
Part 2.   6 min 55sec
Nutrients  and Sewage treatment plants

Part 3. 13 min 29sec
Stormwater & biocides

Part 4.  23min 29sec
Grimmel Industries scrap exporter in Piscataqua and now for Penobscot Bay.

Part 5.  11min 30sec
Spill preparedness. Penobscot Bay shellfish closures  

Part 6.  6min 38sec
Oilspill preparation. Penobscot bay shellfish closures, dams  & pollution effects on  alewives, herring smelt  Piscataqua Waterkeeper boat. 20 feet long, 8 foot beam. Platform for elected officials and media.

Part 7.  10 min 45sec
"Sealkote"  driveway & parking lot sealer: Asphalt-based safer than coal tar-based. Less PAHs into the water. Grimmel baseline study of heavy metals must be done. Riverine mercury. GAC Chemical acid wastes. West Penobscot Bay Affiliate Waterkeeper may be a good start, given size & variation of bay.  END OF TALK

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