Feb 6, 2015

Rockweed Armageddon? Listen to scientist Robin Hadlock Seeley speak and take questions on the threat to our intertidal seaweed forests from increased mechanized harvesting & lack of no-take areas.

Conservationists and Maine's seaweed industry are clashing over whether to leave natural rockweed forests uncut in the intertidal zone off protected private shores - when the landowner wishes so - or to allow all rockweed forests along the Maine coast to be open to harvest under state regs. Things are coming to a head. Info www.rockweedcoalition.org 

Below listen to eminent conservationist  and academic researcher Robin Hadlock Seeley speaking at the February 4, 2015 meeting of
 the Friends of Penobscot Bay in Belfast, Maine.

     Robin  describes rockweed, its harvest & use, how the Maine Department of Marine Resources won't manage it  to conserve fish and shellfish habitat,&what the Maine Legislature may do. Then takes questions from FOPB and from several members of the seaweed processing industry!  All recordings are downloadable mp3s.
Robin Hadlock Seeley presentation 15 minutes
Question & Answer session Part 1. 4min 15sec
* Q&A Part 2. 4min 15sec
* Q&A Part 3. 4min 23sec
* Q&A Part 4. 5min 7sec
* Q&A Part 5  5min 42sec

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