Feb 11, 2015

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Junkyard application granted conditional approval.
By Stephanie Grinnell | Feb 10, 2015  BELFAST REPUBLICAN JOURNAL
Grimmel Industries was granted conditional approval to operate a junkyard -- stockpiles of scrap metal -- on leased property at Mack Point.
SEARSPORT — Grimmel Industries Inc. received conditional approval from Searsport's Planning Board Feb. 9 to stockpile scrap metal on leased Sprague Energy property at Mack Point.
Mack Point  from above Sears Island.  Photo courtesy Project Light Hawk
The operation falls under the junkyard definition and the company's application was approved with several conditions, which will be reviewed again before final approval is granted. Conditions include meeting noise standards, controlling dust and potential heavy metal contamination through a closed-loop water system and air quality monitoring, as well as clean up of stray pieces of metal both from the bay and from trucks moving the materials.
Planning Board members unanimously granted the conditional approval and noted operations by Grimmel can not begin in Searsport until all conditions of approval are met. Planning Board members also requested copies of the updated Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (issued by the Department of Environmental Protection to Sprague), Sprague's Best Management Practices and DEP testing criteria for any contaminants it deems necessary to monitor.
Previously, Grimmel representatives described the Searsport operation as stockpiling of softball-sized metal on an existing 2.25-acre concrete pad, which is fully surrounded by Sprague property. About 10 times per year, ships will be loaded with the scrap metal and it will be shipped overseas.
Residents raised concerns about dust created by rusting ferrous metals at the site, water contamination as well as noise and the potential for damage to vehicles caused by loose pieces of metal, in part based on Grimmel's operation in Portsmouth, N.H. The company's lease in Portsmouth was not renewed this year by Pease Development Authority, leading to its application in Searsport.
Attorney Kristen Collins noted there will be an additional opportunity for public comment when Grimmel's application is next addressed by the Planning Board. No date was set for the hearing.

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