Jan 17, 2015

Searsport planning board hears auto junk steel export plan by Grimmel

Grimmel Industries shredder and exporter of junked automobiles, has a very spotty record in its previous location in New Hampshire. See here and here and here.  The company made its pitch at the January 12, 2015 meeting of the Searsport Planning Board.  Taking many questions from the board, which then heard from Friends of Penobscot Bay, from John Hamer  an attorney representing several shore businesses - he also supplied the board with EPA files on Grimmel's poor record in New Hampshire -, and other members of the public. NOTE: audio is choppy from poor broadband. Sorry!

Introduction  3 min

Grimmel Presentation & Q&A 31 min

Public 1 John Hamer ,atty. 12 min 22sec

Public 2  Ron Huber FOPB   5min 45 sec     FOPB comments (pdf)

Public 3 Peter Taber. 15min 40sec

Public 4   AJ 3min 45 sec

Public 5  Jay Economy 8 min

Public 6  Harlan McLaughlin  3min

Public 7  Tara Hollander  1min 15 sec

Public 8 Peter Wilkinson  4min 25sec

Public 9 Meredith Ares. 2min 48sec

Public 11. Close of public hearing Pt 1_Board_summation 3min 15sec

Public 12 Close of hearing Pt 2_site visits_Hamer_v_Pboard. 6min 22sec

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