Apr 10, 2014

Searsport Hbr Dredge Meeting Belfast 4/8/14. AUDIO ONLINE

Complete audio recordings from April 8, 2014 Public Information & Water Quality Certification meeting, Hutchinson Ctr, Belfast, Maine.Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) and state officials gave presentations and got grilled by the audience.  (36 speakers )

1. Introduction by Army Corps public relations mgr Larry Rosenberg 38 sec

2. Introduction by Patrick Arnold,  Maine Port Authority   3min 11sec 

3. Barbara Blumeris Army Corps, study mgr. introd by Rosenberg 18min 30sec

3a.Rosenberg observes (excerpt of above) that this is a meeting for DEP 22sec

4. ACOE Steve Wolf  DAMOS 35 min

.5 Rosenberg: This is a DEP mtg 4sec

6.  Mike Dassatt, DELA & reply by ACOE 8min 36 sec

ACoE's Blumeris lasering eelgrass map
7. Doug Hufnagel of Belfast discusses tides w/the Corps 7min25sec

8. Ann Crimaudo & Barbra Blumeris 2min40sec

9. State Rep Joe Brooks, Searsport 56 sec

10 Pemaquid Mussels, 1 min 49sec

11. Ridgely Fuller, Belfast

13. Will Neils, Appleton, 3min 44sec

14. David Laing, geologist from Stockton Springs & reply. 3min 46sec

15 Unidentified questioner and reply 3min 32sec

16. Julie Eaton, Lobster captain Deer Isle 1min 31sec

17 Dana Barry fisherman & QA he & Capt Eaton 1min 17sec

18. Unknown Belfast resident 50sec

19. Rob Iserbyt Rockport & QA 2min 30sec

20 Chloe Chunn  and QA 2min47sec

20. Suzy Dexter, Belfast Transition Group 2min 13sec

21.Suzy Dexter &  replies by Arnold & Blumeris 4min 19sec

22 Blumeris reply to Dexter on mercury 2min 9sec

22. Peter Wilkinson, Belfast 1min 52sec

23. Additional reply to Wilkinson 1min 31sec

24. Dave Miramont, Candidate for state senate 1min 28sec

25. B. Blumeris: why Army Corps is holding a DEP state meeting. 1min 3sec

26. Phyllis Coelho Belfast 2min

27. Kim Ervin Tucker 4min10sec

28. Reply to K. E. Tucker  1min 54sec

29. Kim Ervin Tucker & reply 6min3sec

30. Diane Messer 1min27sec

31. Two replies to D. Messer. 1min 28sec

32. Harlan Mclaughlin, FOPB & reply 5min 2sec.

33. "Let Ron speak!" pleas go unheeded. 5 seconds

34. David Tannhauser 2min

35.  Joel Woods, MLU. 44sec 

36. Faith Garrold to end of mtg 2min50sec

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