Apr 13, 2014

Maine, the Feds and the Coastal Zone Management Act

There are many laws that must be considered as the Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Maine decide whether or not to approve the Searsport Harbor expansion dredge application.

Here is the list according to the Coastal Zone Management Act, which  requires the state and feds to be satisfied that the application meets the standards of all the below laws that apply.   (see CZMA Wikipedia entry)

o Natural Resources Protection Act (38 M.R.S. §§480-A to 480-S; and 480-U to 480-HH)
· Wetlands Protection rules (Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) rules ch.310)
· Coastal Sand Dune rules (DEP rules ch. 355)
· Permit by Rule standards (DEP rules ch. 305)
· Significant habitat rules (DEP rules ch. 335; Department of Inland Fisheries and
Wildlife (DIFW) rules ch. 10)
· Scenic Impact rules (DEP rules ch. 315)
o Site Location of Development Law (38 M.R.S. §§481 to 485-A; 486-A, -B; 487-A to 490; and 490-A to 490-TT)13
· Definitions of terms used in the site location of development law and regulations (DEP rules ch. 371)
· Policies and procedures (DEP rules ch. 372)
· Financial capacity standard (DEP rules ch. 373)
· No adverse environmental impact standard (DEP rules ch. 375)

Soil types standard (DEP rules ch. 376)
· Review of roads (DEP rules ch. 377)
· Variance criteria; performance standards (storage of petroleum products) (DEP rules
ch. 378)
· Planning permit (DEP rules ch. 380)
o MaineDOT Traffic Movement Permit Law (23 M.R.S. §704-A )
o Erosion Control and Sedimentation Law (38 M.R.S. §420-C)
o Wind Energy Act (35-A M.R.S. §§3451-3459)
· Scenic viewpoints of state or national significance on public reserved lands or
publicly accessible pedestrian trails (Department of Conservation rules ch. 3)
o Storm Water Management Law (38 M.R.S. §420-D)
· Storm Water Management rules (DEP rules ch. 500)
· Direct Watersheds of Water bodies Most at Risk from New Development, and
Sensitive or Threatened Regions or Watersheds (DEP rules ch. 502)
o Maine Waterway Development and Conservation Act (38 M.R.S. §§630 to 636-A; and 640)
o Protection and Improvement of Air Law (38 M.R.S. §§581 to 610-A, -B)14
· DEP rules chapters: 100 (regulatory definitions); 113 (growth offset regulations); 115
(major and minor source air emissions license regulations); 117 (source surveillance);
118 (gasoline vapor recovery); 134 (RACT for VOCs emitting facilities); and 138
(RACT for nitrous oxides emitting facilities)
o Protection and Improvement of Waters Act15 (38 M.R.S. §§361 to 367; 371-A to 372;
410-N; 411 to 424; 451 to 455; and 464 to 470)

Nutrient Management Act (7 M.R.S. §§4201-4214)
 Land Use Regulation Law (12 M.R.S. §§681 to 689)
· List of Coastal Islands in the Jurisdiction of the Maine Land Use Planning
· Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) Rules and Regulations, ch. 10 - Land Use
Districts and Standards16
o Maine Hazardous Waste, Septage and Solid Waste Management Act (38 M.R.S.
§§1301 to 1310-BB; 1316 to 1316-L; and 1317 to 1319-W)
o Uncontrolled Hazardous Substance Sites Law (38 M.R.S. §§1362 and 1367)
o Asbestos Law (38 M.R.S. §§1273 and 1281)
o Lead Abatement Law (38 M.R.S. §§1296 and 1298(3))
o Sale of Consumer Products Affecting the Environmental Law (38 M.R.S. §§1608
and 1609-10)
o Mercury-Added Products and Services Law (38 M.R.S. §§1661-1661-C; 1665-A, -B;
and 1672)
o Solid Waste Management and Recycling Law (38 M.R.S. §§2133, sub-§2(A) and
o Priority Toxic Chemical Use Reduction Law (38 M.R.S. §§2321-2330)
o Wellhead Protection Law (38 M.R.S. §§1391-1399)

Wellhead Protection: Siting of Facilities that Pose a Significant Threat to Drinking
Water (DEP rules ch. 700)
Siting of Oil Storage Facilities (DEP rules ch. 692)
Rules and Regulations for Flammable and Combustible Liquids (Dept. of Public
Safety rules ch. 34)
o Nuclear Facility Decommissioning Laws (PL 1999 c. 739 and PL 1999 c. 741)
o Oil Discharge Prevention & Pollution Control Law (38 M.R.S. §§541 to 560)
o Oil Storage Facilities and Ground Water Protection Law (38 M.R.S. §§561; 562-A; 563, sub-§1(A) and 2; 563-A-B; 564; 565-A; 566-A; 568; 568-A-B; 569-A, -C; 570; and 570-A-G, I-M)
Rules for Underground Storage Facilities (DEP rules ch. 691)
o Maine Endangered Species Act (12 MRSA §§12801-12810 [inland species]; 12
M.R.S. §6971-6977 [marine species]; and 12 M.R.S. §10001, sub-§§19 and 62
· Endangered species (DIFW rules ch. 8)
o General licensing and enforcement authorities; fees (38 M.R.S. §§341-D; 344 to
349; and 352-353, and 353-A, -B[fees])17
o Maine Rivers Act (12 M.R.S. §§403 and 407)
o Marine Resources Law (12 M.R.S. §§6171 to 6192; and 6432-A)
o Subdivision Law (30-A M.R.S. §§4401 to 4408)
o Mandatory Shoreland Zoning Law (38 M.R.S. §§435 to 449)
· Guidelines for Municipal Shoreland Zoning Ordinances (DEP rules ch. 1000)

o Coastal Management Policies Act (38 M.R.S. §§1801 to 1802)
o Coastal Barrier Resources System Act (38 M.R.S. §§1901 to 1905)

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