Mar 27, 2014

Maine's new Lobster Marketing Collaborative meets with Maine legislature AUDIO

Will it help or hinder?

On March 26, 2014, representatives of Maine's new Lobster Marketing Collaborative gave a presentation the Maine Legislature's Marine Resources Committee on their plans for increasing Maine's market share in the seafood business.  Below listen to the Collaborative's executive director Marianne LaCroix  and the legislators discuss the many issues & expectation for the Collaborative. Remarkably, despite the considerable  challenge to the industry brought by the recent revelations of mercury in Penobscot River lobsters and the growing likelihood that furt investigations will show

1.  FULL Meeting 60 minutes  

2. Broken down  into @ 10 minute sections for ease of listening
* Part 1.  10 minutes      * Part 2.  11min     * Part 3.  9 min 34 sec 

* Part 4.  11 minutes     * Part 5. 9 minutes   * Part 6,   9 minutes

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