Jan 6, 2014

Searsport mega dredge plan: state agencies start wading into the fray.

Maine state agencies that will consider the Searsport expansion dredge
proposal are starting to rouse. The time approaches when they must make decisions about the controversial Searsport Harbor expansion dredging plan, and send that information off to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Circular water zone is proposed dredge area
1. Maine DEP's Kathy Howatt wrote us  on 1/2/14
"The Searsport dredge project is an NRPA project, and will be managed by Maria Lentine-Eggett from the Department’s Eastern Maine Regional Office. I work on hydropower projects and so I won’t be involved in the water quality certification under the NRPA program. Maria can provide you more specific information regarding the Searsport project. Let me know if I can offer any additional assistance."
 Kathy Davis Howatt"
2. Maine Coastal Program Todd Burrowes  wrote on  1/2/14
 Thanks for your e-mail regarding the Army Corps of Engineers’ (“ACOE”) proposed Searsport Harbor dredging project.  We have not received the ACOE’s federal consistency determination for this project.  

Please be advised that under Maine’s networked coastal program the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) will be the lead agency conducting the CZMA consistency review of this project in conjunction with its review of the ACOE’s application for water quality certification and that DEP’s findings and conclusions will provide the basis for the State’s response to the ACOE’s consistency determination.  

"There will be a public notice of the ACOE’s consistency determination and opportunity to provide comments to DEP on the proposed project.  By this note, I’m asking Maria Lentine-Eggett, the DEP project manager for this project, to include the Friends of Penobscot Bay on DEP’s list of interested parties for this matter.  The basic period for review of a federal agency’s consistency determination is 60 days, with a 15-day extension at the State’s request and further extension of the review period as agreed by the federal agency.  We anticipate extension of the review period as needed to complete DEP’s review process."

3. Maine DEP's Maria Lentine-Eggett  wrote us on 1/6/14:

"Mr. Huber,
I will put your organization on the list of interested persons.  I am currently reviewing the Sprague application for completeness.  I hope to have it placed on the Department's FTP site for ease of public viewing.  If that is achieved, I will let you know."

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