Jan 9, 2014

Maine Rally for Unity at Maine statehouse 1/9/2014. Audio of speakers & music

 Rally for Unity, was held January 9, 2014  at the statehouse Hall of Flags. It was sponsored by the "Alliance for the Common Good".  

The gathering of people spoke about solving our carbon energy problems  about acidification and invader crabs. 

Full 94 minute recording

1. Shayna & Alex opening singers

2. Heidi Brugger  3min 45 sec

3. Maria Girouard, Penobscot Indian Nation Welcoming remarks 5min 38 sec

4. Morgana Warner Evans (music)

5. Iris Sangiovani 5min 32sec

6. Kelsey Oulette

7. Representative Brian Jones 5min 4sec

(More to come)

 Full list of speakers
1) Sheyne and Alex (music)
2) Heidi Brugger (chant)
3) Maria Girouard (welcome)
4) Morgana Wemer-Evans (singing)
5) lris SanGiovanni- divestment; South Portland
6) Kelsey Ouellette- divesting UNE; climate change
7) Representative Brian Jones- sponsoring divestment bill 1461
8) Vanessa Norman- single payer healthcare
9) Nicole Moreau- bring our war $$ home'?
10) Luke Sekera- fighting Nestle's water extraction
11) Ron Huber, Friends of Penobscot Bay
12) Sass Linneken— oil trains
13) Mathias Wells Deming- East-West Corridor
14) Meaghan LaSala- Southern Maine Worker’s Center
15) Dave Marshall- We the People Maine
16) Dan White
16) Chris Buchanan (closing, thank yous, chant)
17) Morgana Warner-Evans (singing)
18) Shayne and Alex (music)

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