Jan 21, 2014

Maine's response to Ocean Acidification continues: Ivory tower swings into action.

Links to  audio mp3s of recent scientific and legislative events on Maine ocean acidity that have taken place in January 2014.January 21, January 16 and January 13th. 
Links to mtg agendas etc, too. Please feel free to forward all or any parts of this update.

January  21, 2014  The American lobster in a changing climate”a presentation by Dr. Rich Wahle, UMaine research oceanographer  Wahle's UME webpage.  Webinar hosted by NE-CAN, Northeast Coastal Acidification Network. Recent NE-CAN webinars

* Dr Rick Wahle 1/21/14 presentation and Q&A 16 minute audio  * Audio begins  in midst of presenting the top issues facing lobsters and other crustaceans here and around the world  from acidification.  A short quote of Dr Wahle summing things up.

January 16, 2014. Meeting on Ocean Acidification. Governor Hill Mansion, Augusta
January 13, 2014
* Audio recordings of the 1/13/14  hearing on LD 1602 Ocean Acidification Bill by the Maine Legislature's Marine Resources Committee. With a note on something each speaker raises.  Link to LD 1602  


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