Sep 9, 2013

Delta Chemical's 1984 acid spill into Stockton Harbor. A soil & groundwater study

In May 1984, Delta Chemical spilled @ 1,500 gallons of sulfuric acid from their sulfuric acid plant on their land perched above Stockton Harbor. 

Consultant E.C. Jordan was hired to (1) assess hydrology of groundwater flow, (2) assess the extent of the sulfuric acid plume in the soil and groundwater and (3) see how much has gone offsite via groundwater.
Results summarized: 
Kidder Point's shore has from 2 feet to 15 feet of waste covering it. Shallow groundwater flows from spill site into tainted cove via intertidal seeps. This groundwater has high levels of sulfate and is very acidic - low pH. Acidity and sulfates decrease with distance from acid plant.

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