Sep 21, 2013

Kidder Point & Mack Point: news & info 1903-1976, Plus 2002 in newspapers and government reports of the time

News  & reports on Searsport's Kidder Point & Mack Point. 1903 to 1976.  From New England newspapers and government reports of the time. 
1903 Armours may ship cattle via Stockton Springs
1905  Boston Maine Steamship Co wharf being built on Kidder Pt (column 3)
1906 Report on Kidder Point by Maine Bureau of Industry and labor
1907 Development of Searsport and Stockton Springs 1/15/1907
1907 American Fertilizer Co starts on Mack Pt, Powerplant on Kidder Pt   11/4/1907
1914 ME Railroad Board Ann Rpt on Kidder Pt Electric Plant 1914
1914 BAR RR closes Kidder Point power plant for Mack Point 2/29/1914
1925 BAR abandons Cape Jellison pier; expands Mack Point's  8/21/25
1928  Fire destroys giant Armor fertilizer plant in Searsport 12/31/28
1928 Knell sounded for Stockton Harbor
1941 Superphosphate use by states incl Maine
1943 Fire at Summers Fertilizer 5/1/43
1944 Price ceiling set on wartime Searsport superphosphate production 5/11/44
1952 Summers Fertilizer - Tour of superphosphate works 5/22/52
1956  Summers Fertilizer leader Totman gets award 10/26/56
1971 Summers Fertilizer leader's portrait presented to U Maine 4/21/71
1974 Submerged power cables plan between Kidder Pt & Sears Isld 12/23/74
* 1976  Delta Chemical gasses Searsport, causes Fernview shipwreck
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New! 1980s to 2000s. Under construction
1982 State reopens cove off Kidder Point to shellfishing 1/29/82
2002 CLF/GAC settlement cash to benefit Stockton Harbor Pg 1--Pg 2 10/10/02

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