Nov 30, 2012

Night Four 11/29/12. DCP vs locals struggle continues: Listen to the people testify against the megatank plan.

Listen to speakers at the November 29, 2012 public hearing in Searsport on the DCP Midstream plan to build an LPG gas megatank on Mack Point (downloadable mp3s) Landowners, Business owners and Islesboro Islanders have their say.
Listen to audios from all week

Introduction by Bruce Probert, Searsport Planning Board Chair 2min 10sec


Introduction of TBNT panel by Steve Hinchman 2min

Testimony of Tom Gocze 8min 15sec

Testimony of  Diane Stevens 4min 
Testimony of Kevin Kelly 1 min 15 sec

Testimony of J Lucas 8min 45 sec

Testimony of Ted Kessler 4min 12 sec

Testimony of Elaine Tucker  3 min

Cross Examination of above panel by DCP atty James Kilbreth 18 min 50 sec

Second Panel 

Introduction to Second panel  12 sec

Jay Economy 4min 15 sec

Brenda Liston  15min 25 sec

Laurie Schweikart 7min 20 sec

Phyllis Sommer 8min 37 sec

Rick Schweikhart 4min

Steve Tanguay 10 min 48 sec

Board Q&A 5min

DCP Q&A  Jay McCormack 6min 28sec

DCP Q&A Brenda Liston 5min 43 sec

DCP Q&A Phyllis Sommer 5min

DCP Q&A Schweikart 1min 19sec

DCP Q&S Steve Tanguay 3min 15sec

Dave Gelinas Q&A 2min

Board QA


Introduction and Steve Miller 19min 35sec

Andrew Coombs 53 sec

Bill Warren 2min 52 sec

Bill Boardman  2min 39sec

Alison Wood (static first 12 seconds) 5min 13sec

Arch Gillies 10min 27sec

Board Q&A 1 min 39sec

DCP Kilbreth Q&A #1  8min 16sec

DCP Kilbreth Q&S #2 2min 18sec

David Gelinas Q&A 9min 22 sec

Steve Hinchman "Cleanup Questions" 2min 55sec

DCP Kilbreth Final question, end of hearing 1min


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