Nov 19, 2012

Maine's Enviro--chief thumbs her nose at citizens.

Below, read how  Maine Environmental Commissioner Patty Aho's long career as a petroleum industry lobbyist is guiding her approach to citizen unhappiness with rampaging mega gas company DCP Midstream Partners.

BACKSTORY Hundreds of Mainers have asked her and her minions to hold a public hearing on the Denver based gas giant's enormous proposal that would savage half the remaining forest of the upper bay's Long Cove, while protruding a permanent eyesore into upper Penobscot Bay's hitherto tourist-attracting $cenic $kyline, not to mention .  But no reason there to hold a hearing, Aho found.  Citing a technicality or two, Maine's head of "Environmental Protection" for the state has seen to it that the megaproject's impacts to the environmental will not be examined closely, as a public hearing  not a single public hearing.

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