Nov 19, 2012


(From press releases and reports)
On Sunday November 18th, regional opponents of Denver-based DCP Midstream's proposed huge LPG tank/terminal converged in Belfast to illustrate the gigantic 202' diameter bootprint  DCP's mega-tank would have. As the People later departed, they sang Peter Seeger's "This land is your land" (mp3). (con'td below)
Photo by Peter Taber
 For more than a year, Thanks But No Tank! has asked for a scale model of the project. To date, DCP Midstream Partners, LP and its new subsidiary, the limited liability company "DCP Searsport LLC" have refused . 

The giant petroleum gas distribution  company's project would devour the Mack Point Woods between Route !1 and Long Cove,  and bulldoze and blast its wetlands-rich soils down to bedrock, turning half of Long Cove's watershed from nutrient-donating forest and wetlands to concrete,steel and asphalt .....
 Exasperated citizens  responded to  fliers and e-notes bu gathering Sunday to let the public see how enormous the 22.3 million gallon liquified petroleum gas tank would be if constructed.Close to 250 people from across the Midcoast region took part in the action, demonstrating the LPG mega-tank is a regional concern. 
Photo by Peter Wilkinson
In the 4th photograph, taken after the great circle converged to its center,  a balloon is visible, aloft at 14 stories - 138 feet in the air - to show the height the giant tank would rise, if it were ever built. As far as the attendees were concerned, that is by no means a done deal.
photo by Ron Huber
As a pointed yet gentle reminder to the powers-that-be, the citizens ended their event by  singing Peter Seeger's "This land is your land" (mp3).

To all the organizers, to all who got word out, and most of all to all to those who stood together and participated: 

Job well done!

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