Jun 28, 2012

Statoil Speaks: six Interviews at public info meeting June 21, 2012 in Rockland

 Listen below to recorded interviews below of 3 Statoil officials, one consultant, a representative of the DeepCwind Consortium and a Seagrant staffer who mingeld with attendeees at a public information meeting  held June 26th  by Statoil at the Rockland Library's meeting hall, to describe its Hywind Maine Project to deploy 4 turbines between 12 to 15 miles offshore of Brunswick, Maine. The Seagrant staffer  said  zero members of the Maine fishing industry attended this eventRead Bangor Daily News coverage 

The recorded interviews below have background sounds of conferees talking and are presented in the order  that Ron Huber recorded them.
Kari Hege Mork, Stakeholder manager  5 minutes 30 seconds
Jennifer Daniels Tetratech (Enviro assessment consultant)  8 mi 45 sec.
Kristin Aamodt, Statoil Project Manager  8 minutes 49 seconds
Peter Marcus K Greve, Statoil Environmental Assessment mgr,  7 minutes 14 seconds
Jake Ward  educator, U Maine  DeepCwind Consortium
Sherman Hoyt  Seagrant/A\Cooperative Extension   7 minutes 20 seconds

Earlier Statoil Hywind events audio
 * 5/23/12, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management held a 20 minute public  teleconference (mp3)  after concluding its closed session meeting about Statoil's proposal
* 3/12/12 Statoil at 2012 Maine Fishermens Forum

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