Jun 21, 2012

Balloons prove DCP tank would be "world class eyesore".

Photographic results are in. This morning's deployment of red and yellow balloons above the forested site that  DCP Midstream hopes to clearcut and pave before erecting the east coast's biggest liquified petroleum gas tank show conclusively that the tank would be an objectionably instrusive addition to the world class scenic visual assets of Penobscot Bay.
Can you see me now? DCP test balloons rise above horizon , June 21, 2012
As damning as the balloon test results are, they pale in comparison with the scenic disruption the actual tank would cause. While the balloons suggest the general outline of the top third of the liquified petroleum gas tank, missing from the picture is the middle third of the tank that would be visible once the forest in the center of the picture is stripped from the site, (which presently features some of the oldest forested wetlands in Maine).

Nor does the balloon deployment demonstrate how the nighttime view of the starry western  sky would be degraded. Not only would the tank be festooned with blinking lights, it would be accompanied by a flare tower that would  send  Mordor-like flames roaring into the sky whenever minute temperature shifts roil the ocean of superchilled gasses in the tank.

Opponents of the Gasser-wanabees mocked the company's spectacular fail. "DCP proposes grafting a world class eyesore on our bay's  world class scenic vistas," said Penobscot Bay Watch leader Ron Huber. "Blind with greed, they just don't get it."
DCP balloons viewed from Rt 1 north of Sears Island Rd. (trees in middle of photo would be clearcut)

In a letter to the Searsport Planning board - which must rule on  the company's tank application- a spokesperson for grassroots civic group Thanks But No Tank! dismissed the balloon plan as one more of "DCP's pathetic and desperate attempts to explain their way out of producing a 3D scale model (agreed to and, in fact, promised well over a year ago)"   In a claim that has drawn universal scorn, the  billion dollar company asserted that creating a digital 3D scale model of its proposed tank and related buildings and pipelines would be too expensive and time consuming.

 "An insult to the citizens and the [Searsport] Planning Board alike." the spokesperson said. "DCP does not want the Board or the public to see the magnitude of the tank and terminal."

Additional photographs of the DCP balloon test from more locations will be added to this story as they arrive.

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