Jun 19, 2012

Maine tidal & floating wind power leaders took calls on public radio

John Ferland
On June 16, 2012, Habib Dagher of DeepCwind Consortium and John Ferland of Ocean Renewable Power Company appeared on Maine public radio's "Maine Calling" show.

Ferland discussed the progress of his company's submerged tidal  energy turbine, known as theTidGen™ Power System. Over the course of this year ORPC will install up to 5 of its  tidal generators in Cobscook Bay.

Dagher discussed the DeepCwind Consortium's floating wind turbine. While the plan originally called for deployment of the consortium's first prototype floating windmill off Monhegan Island this summer, delays in obtaining several required permits have forced the rollout of the prototype to next year.
Click on the links below to listen to the two energy pioneers speaking with MPBN's Keith Shortall and field questions from callers and emailers.All recordings are MP3s.

Introduction  1 minute 40 seconds
Discussion with Dr. Dagher  5 minutes
Discussion with  Mr. Ferland   5 minutes 30 seconds
Call-in questions 1   12 minutes
Call-in questions  2 to end of show 11 minutes 30 seconds
Listen to MPBN podcast of complete show  43 minutes

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