Mar 4, 2012

Windpower seminar at 2012 Maine Fishermen's Forum. Listen to groundfishers, lobstermen, tuna men, grill Statoil rep, academics, and govt officials

2012 Fishermen's Forum: offshore wind gets chilly reception.
Listen below to two panels and a room full of fishermen and others discussing both the Statoil proposal and the greater impacts of the additional offshore Gulf of Maine windfarms that would follow in Statoil's wake, (more than a thousand turbines projected).
 Note 1: static from nearby I Pads often jammed the digital audio recorder with overwhelming static, forcing editing out of  parts of several speakers including Glenn Libby and Pete Jumars. Note 2: If anyone is misidentified, please leave a comment to that effect and it will be corrected

*  Darryl Francois BOEM opening statement 11min.mp3

* Ken Fletcher Governor's office of energy independence_51sec

Kari Hege Mork Statoil 26sec

 * Rick Bellance Rhode Island fisherman 10sec

Pete Jumars UMaine 41sec

John Weber, NROC 1min 48sec

* Paul Willliamson Me Wind Industry Initiative 75 sec

* Kari Hege Mork Statoi introduces video 2min 42sec

 *John Weber NROC 20sec.mp3


* Q: Richard Melton  Friendship Lobster Bait  1min44sec

QA2 Geo Lapointe and Kari Hege Mork 3min 28sec

'* QA 3 audience 5min_45sec

*QA 4 Kari Hege Mork Windpark size 1 minute

* QA 5 Pete Jumars Edited due to noise

QA6 Paul Anderson edited 7min

QA 7. 4min_30sec

QA 8 Glenn Libby edited 1min 30sec

QA 9 1min_55sec

QA 10 Kari Hege Mork 1min26sec

QA 11 4min_30sec

QA 12 Ron Huber 3min 43sec

QA 13 Ken Fletcher others on showstoppers 4min 55sec

QA 14 Small biz admin 1 min

QA 15_final words


Keliher comments 2min

*  Bruce MacDonald intro fishpanel_2min_45sec

Breakout Groups Introduction 47sec

* Chris Weiner, Portland tuna fisherman. 6min 9sec

* Breakout Group 2. Patrice MLA 3min 50sec

Breakout Group 3 Bruce MacDonald 55sec

Breakout group 4 Mary Beth Tooley, 1min_32sec

Breakout Group 5 Cushman 1min 11sec.mp3

 PART 3 COMPLETE 57 MINUTES (above is only 1/3 of Part 3)


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QA6 - is likely Paul Williamson (not Anderson)

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