Mar 3, 2012

Fishermens Forum: Maine Groundfish Permit Bank Seminar: AUDIO

On Friday March 2nd, the 2012  Maine Fishermen's Forum featured  the seminar "Maine Permit Bank Program:Full Speed Ahead."  

Listen below to panelists & audience review & discuss the Permit Bank's evolution from pilot to a full fledged FY2012 program with ten groundfish permits for Maine fishermen for FY 2012 (Seminar descriptions)  
Introduction Terry Stockwell   90 seconds   

Trisha DeGraaf DMR 13 minutesWilliam Whitmore NMFS  2min 12 sec 

* Geoff Smith The Nature Conservancy, 5min 40sec

* Ben Martens Port Clyde Sector 1min 48sec

Bert Jongerden, Portland Fish Exchange, 3min 51sec  

* Randy Cushman, Fisherman.1min18sec

* Ed Snell, hook sector. 1min 50sec 

*  Question & answer period pt1.   9 min  

Question & Answer period Pt 2. 11min 40sec 

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