Sep 22, 2011

Stop the Stank! Don't let the upper estuary take on a permanent sulfur stench

Maine DEP will decide by  Friday  whether to approve the Conoco Oil  Super Tank project for liquified Petroleum Gas - biggest tank in New England.

Not only would this petrol "Supertank" (already being called "the Stank") bequeath a permanent sulfur stench to the upper bay airshed, it will cost Penobscot Bay lobstermen millions in lost revenues from their need to honor the rolling closed areas stretching around each supertanker as it convoys up and down Penobscot Bay with its gunboats.

Yet Maine DEP proposes to blithely rubberstamp the plan  despite the fact that the agency's  review of alternatives was non-existent, the review of economic impacts to lobstermen was non-existent, the economic impacts to the resort businesses of the area was non existent.

Now we will see if Governor LePage will stand by his statement that he will review every Maine DEP permit and  decision that affects jobs.

For the DCP plant which more intelligently should be in Portland, will savage the lobsteremn witll impoverish the resort owners. DCP will fill the air of hte upper Penobscot Bay with the stink of sulfur and claim that it is the smell of money.  But it is blood money. A weregild, for slaying local prosperity on a cross of gas.

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