Sep 14, 2011

Sears Island. Sierra Club's sellout bears its poisonous harvest.

The US Army Corps of Engineers  has just announced that it has given final approval to Maine Dept of Transportation's Sears Island Umbrella Mitigation Bank (1page pdf, with links to all related info )

The Sears Island Umbrella Mitigation bank is housed at Maine Dept of Transportation- Environmental Office State House Station 16 Augusta, ME 04333-0016.   Contacts below the image. Click image for  bigger size
Sears Island Mitigation Bank Contacts
Judy Gates Phone: (207)624-3100 Fax: (207)624-3101
& Deane C van Dusen Cell Phone: (207)592-3198

Now let's carefully watch the Maine Legislature, which has a bill before it to create a 200 million dollar bond to build a container port on Sears Island.  A bill they might act on at any time!

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