Sep 30, 2011

Mack Point LPG gas plan - Panormas of views to be fouled if it is built

 Here are links to three panorama photographs, courtesy Taber Photography, and Point of View Helicopter Service,  taken while hovering at 198 feet above sealevel  at the spot where DCP midstream's  super tank  would be built. Note how the Cape Jellison homes will have a very clear view of the tank if built. Who else, what else?

See  more photos here from Cape Je;llison of  the scenery where the giant tank would be built that the helicopter was hovering .

For more photos of the viewshed at ;risk click on the link,  click again for the full sized versions, and help us identify locations that are visible in the photos.

Because if your location can be seen on them, then the giant LPG tank could be seen from that location if it was built. 

This is important information to have! Please help if you can.

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